Summer Program

Make Summer Memorable: CCAP Provides Assistance for Your Child’s Camp Experience!

Embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and wonder through our nature exploration summer camp!

Experience the joy of music and unlock your creative potential with our dynamic and engaging music lessons at summer camp! Discover the fascinating journey of life from egg to feathered friend as children explore the captivating life cycle of chicks during our enriching summer camp activities!

Daycare: Birth to 2 years old
Summer Camp: 2 to 13 years old

Dates: June 1st – August 31st, 2024
8:30 – 3:30 pm

Extended hours
6:30 – 8:30 am & 3:30 – 7:00 pm

3444 Quakerbridge Road * Suite 11B * Hamilton, NJ 08619
Tel: 609.578.8451

For Daycare (Birth to 2 years old):
⭐ Loving and nurturing environment
⭐ Experienced caregivers focused on individual needs
⭐ Safe and stimulating play areas
⭐ Nutritious meals and snacks provided

For Summer Camp (2 to 13 years old):
⭐ Montessori-inspired learning activities
⭐ Outdoor exploration and nature walks
⭐ Artistic expression through crafts and music
⭐ Sports and team-building games
⭐ Weekly themes to spark creativity and curiosity

Why Choose Us?

⭐ Certified Montessori educators dedicated to each child’s development
⭐ Inclusive environment celebrating diversity and individuality
⭐ Secure facilities with modern amenities
⭐ Flexible scheduling options to suit your family’s needs

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Inclusive Montessori School Summer Camp Schedule 2024

Week 1: Bubbly Guy

Activities centered around bubble-making workshops, bubble art, outdoor bubble games, and science experiments exploring the physics of bubbles.

Week 2: Wings of Magic

This week featured magic shows, magic tricks workshops, and opportunities for campers to learn sleight of hand and simple illusions.

Week 3: Lizard Guys

Activities included reptile encounters with live lizards, educational presentations about different species of lizards, and arts and crafts projects related to reptiles.

Week 4: EMS Hamilton Visit

Campers learned about first aid, safety procedures, and the importance of emergency preparedness through a visit from emergency medical services (EMS) professionals.

Week 5: Med Science

Activities involved interactive demonstrations and experiments exploring human biology, anatomy, and physiology.

Week 6: Chick Hatching

Campers had a hands-on experience with an incubator and hatching chicks, learning about the life cycle of chickens and caring for baby chicks.

Week 7: Face Painting

Activities included face painting workshops and opportunities for campers to practice face painting on themselves and each other.

Week 8: Volcano Project

Campers learned about volcanoes through hands-on activities such as building model volcanoes, conducting volcanic eruptions experiments, and learning about the geological processes behind volcanic activity.

Week 9: World Map

Activities focused on exploring geography and cultures from around the world. Campers learned about continents, countries, and landmarks through map-making, flag designing, cultural crafts, and virtual tours of famous landmarks and historical sites. They also learned about different cultures’ customs, traditions, and languages through storytelling, music, and food tasting experiences.

Week 10: Party Maniacs

Campers enjoyed themed parties and celebrations, including costume parties, dance parties, and carnival-style games and activities.

Week 11: Music Play Patrol

Activities involved music workshops, instrument demonstrations, group sing-alongs, rhythm games, and dance parties, allowing campers to showcase their musical talents and creativity.