Summer Program

Summer School 2023

Inclusive Montessori’s Summer Program offers a unique blend of Montessori curriculum and special activities for summertime fun! We keep your children engaged and their intellect sharp as we give them a summer to remember!

Ages: 6 – 13 years
June 20 – September 1, 2023
8:30am – 3:30pm
Extended hours
6:30 – 8:30am & 3:30 – 7:00pm
3444 Quakerbridge Road * Suite 11B * Hamilton, NJ 08619
Tel: 609.578.8451

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Field Trips
Water Play
Crafts & Gym

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Week 1: Get Acquainted!

(June 20 – June 23)
Campers will have the opportunity to meet their teachers & classmates. They will receive an overview of our summer program & learn about all the fun in store for them! Our Friday Field Trip will be to Bounce U, an activity center & indoor playground

Week 2: Folktale Fantasies

(June 26 – June 30)
Sing, dance & act out the written word! Campers will enter a fantasy world of stories &, for a few hours, become a swashbuckling pirate, an elf or a mermaid, & maybe even befriend a dragon!
Our Friday Field Trip will be to see the movie The Little Mermaid

Week 3: Wonderful, Wide World

(July 3 – July 7, closed July 4)
Our Campers will reflect upon the beautiful world around them. They will explore what they can do to help the environment while appreciating different people & cultures.
Our Friday Field Trip will be to the NJ State Museum

Week 4: Dig into Dinosaurs

(July 10 – July 14)
This week is all about dinosaurs, those giants that once roamed the earth. Campers will learn about a variety of dinosaurs & other prehistoric life forms, fossils & more! Our Friday Field Trip will be to Rutgers Geology Museum, which houses an extensive collection of dinosaur bones, minerals & fossils

Week 5: Wonders of Water

(July 17 – July 21)
It is never too soon for children to learn about their part in protecting our oceans & marine life. We will study the creatures that live in the ocean as well as the ecosystem that sustains them.
Our Friday Field Trip will be to Jenkinson’s Aquarium where the Campers will learn firsthand about the marine ecosystem & see a variety of life from aquatic habitats.

Week 6: Spectacular Sculptures

(July 24 – July 28)
The Campers will learn about a variety of artists & artistic movements throughout history.
Our Friday Field Trip will be to Grounds for Sculpture, a 42-acre sculpture garden & museum in Hamilton Township, where Campers will come face-to-face with larger-than-life sculptures!

Week 7: Culinary Capers

(July 31 – August 4)
Learning basic cooking & baking skills, the Campers will create their very own dishes while learning about important foods to keep their bodies healthy!
Our Friday Field Trip will be to Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

Week 8: Fun at the Farm

(August 7 – August 11)
Children love farms! Our Campers will be able to meet all kinds of different farm animals & learn about what the animals provide for us.
Our Friday Field Trip will be to Windsor Farm Petting Zoo, where the Campers can pet & feed farm animals.

Week 9: Colorful Creations

(August 14 – August 18)
Artistic expression is a vital part of human communication. In addition to creating their own art, Campers will learn about a variety of different art forms.
Our Friday Field Trip will be to That Pottery Place, where young artists can let their creativity run wild!

Week 10: Summer Sport Sensations

(August 21 – August 25)
Getting our bodies moving is not only fun, but it helps our children’s physical and cognitive development. Campers will be introduced to several different types of traditional summer sports – getting moving & having a great time! Our Friday Field Trip will be to Pennington Golf Center, where our Campers can play miniature golf!

Week 11: The Sky is the Limit!

(August 28 – September 1)
As we prepare to say good bye to our Campers, we will reflect on our time together & look to the new adventures ahead of them. We believe that our Campers can accomplish anything they set their minds to – the sky is the limit.
Our Friday Field Trip will be to the Rockville Climbing Center, where our Campers can climb to new heights!