More Kind Words from Happy Parents!

"If you want a great learning experience for your child or children, Inclusive Montessori is definitely a very good school for that."

"When we first moved in the area we were in search of a daycare for our two daughters. We had tried one in the area, but was not too pleased with the results. And so, with great reluctance we had decided to enroll them in Inclusive Montessori. However, after meeting with the director we felt more comfortable with the environment we were putting the girls in. As days becomes months, the progress we saw from our oldest daughter was like day and night. She’s learning so much, I can honestly say those teachers are amazing. My biggest shocker, I came from work one night to find my 3 years old daughter with a little booklet they had made in school of the continents and she was showing and naming them all. That’s just one of the many examples of things I’ve been impressed with."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching methods. Varish really loves your class and also likes his friends. He learned lot of words. We are proud of him. Thanks a lot Mrs. G."

"The staff is very professional and friendly, which I feel is important for the young children. Prior to sending Gabriel to Inclusive Montessori, I have Mrs. Haroon for several years. Since starting the school, she has been very involved in choosing the best staff, especially the infant room, and making sure the school is clean and all procedures are followed. I would not hesitate to trust her and the staff to watch my children."

"Thank you Ms. D for your efforts with Chantal. You’re the best."

"It is amazing to watch Jax grow, learn and advance. Mrs. G has a special gift and we are grateful. Jax had the opportunity to work with her. Thanks!"

"I am seeming myself the changes that AJ personality of sharing helping working as a team. Very pleased with the improvement."

"He is improved tremendously. I hope this will continued this whole year. Thanks again for shaping his career."

"Thank you very much for your hard work to achieve Hemish’s, his excellence & Improving his knowledge & wisdom."

"The teachers are doing very good job, because I’ve seen a big improvement in my son’s and that tells the greatest jobs the teachers are doing. Thanks to the teachers and I really appreciate it a lot."

"Ansh is making progress learning new things. Please focus on his writing. Keep continue the great work. I am happy with his progress."

"It is my extreme pleasure to be writing this letter on your behalf. My son Shakis has been at Inclusive Montessori since 2005 at that time he was age 2yrs old he is now 9yrs. When my son was a toddler he under went surgery on his ears for hearing. Lubna understood my son’s condition and cared for him properly. It is not easy caring for a child who can not hear especially when they are a baby. I later found out my son had autism in conjunction with his hearing loss. My son loves and adores Lubna he always wants to see her and he is treated like family. I am very particular on who I trust with my son being as though he is special need. I trust Lubna completely 100% with my son, I know when he is with her he will be fine. In fact she is the only person outside immediate family who I will allow to watch him. If ever anyone is looking for childcare and lives in the Princeton area I highly recommend her School. Her facility is warm and loving your child will be comfortable setting and have playmates. Her assistants are well qualified mirror’s Lubna’s personality. My son and I are blessed to have her in our lives and if anyone wants to talk to me direct ask Lubna and she will contact me."