Online and Room classes

Inclusive Montessori SchoolOur current health crisis has given remote learning a global platform, with stay at home orders closing school buildings across the country. After Governor Murphy’s order, our school was open to all the essential working parents.

As we know, summer is about to end, and the school’s new year is about to start. For Montessori based educators who promote practical work and Montessori-based education, going remote can be a particularly daunting task. But, our expert Montessori teachers are well trained and are ready to answer all your questions.

Preschool relies heavily on openness to free play within carefully curated environments. Through all our Montessori methods, children develop exceptional motor, foundational social, emotional, and academic skills.

Our Inclusive Montessori school is open for kids for both essential as well as nonessential worker’s parents.However, for parents who are not comfortable sending their children to school due to Covid-19, we are planning to transition to remote learning. It is possible to work with families to establish play-based, child-centered learning.

We are looking forward to working with you all virtually to aid in your child’s growth during these unprecedented times. We will take all measures to ensure your child receives a world-class education with both individual Montessori lessons and group activities.

“We can share together even though we’re not physically present in the classroom doing it together.”